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The rest of the week passed in a blur of activity. Claudia was able to license out two more games. Robert, Conner and Lisa worked long hours, frantically trying to complete or upgrade games. Conner wanted to bring graphics people in to help with games, effectively forcing us to rent a small warehouse, fitted out as office space for the extra people. The new graphics team were first volunteers, working for the experience. The best were hired and the rest went their own way after a time. Claudia moved into what had been the warehouse office, Leaving Jill and I in the shed, now dedicated to research and training.

Friday morning, Jill and I were on our way to London to bring Jennifer home. We rented a small trailer, and the three of us had all of Jennifer's things loaded, including her scooter, and were on the road by mid afternoon. The drive back to Swansea passed quickly. We arrived in the early evening, unloaded everything and returned the trailer to the rental yard, had dinner at a coffee shop, and went home exhausted, lacking the energy for anything more than cuddling together.

Saturday morning I woke laying between my two favorite girls, deliriously happy. They teamed up in the kitchen leaving little to do but drink coffee and eat breakfast. We went for a quick tour of the new offices. By early afternoon,we were back in the shed, bring Jennifer up to speed on our work. At one point she jumped up and ran back to the house, returning quickly with a thick binder.

While her school had offered little in the way of computer science and technical studies, Jennifer had not been idle. The binder was stuffed with sketches, drawings, diagrams, and copious notes, all related to the project. I had to smile at the frequent drawings of little hearts arranged around my name in the margins. Of the most interest, was a designs for a new headset, an overpowered tablet, and a custom chip that could shrink the scanner array by a factor of ten. We talked well into the evening, finally returning to the house at about 9:00.

We showered together, a somewhat athletic experience, given the small shower. I couldn't recall a moment of that shower where I didn't have on of their firm asses or there breasts rubbing against me. Between the two of them a didn't have nearly enough hands to rub, squeeze and feel all there was available to me.

Dried and back on the bed, they demonstrated a fine coordination, Kissing me and gently sucking my cock, while they fondled each other's breasts and all the while keeping their pussies where I could easily finger them and tease their clits.

I was rapidly losing my mind from all the stimulation, Jennifer would fondle my balls as she sucked me, running her tongue along the lower side of my cock, Jill would suck me almost into her throat while teasing my asshole. They both Kissed me as if to suck my tongue out of my head. As they switched ends, they would pause to lick or kiss my nipples. I felt my balls tighten as Jennifer drove down taking me into her throat. I fingered both of their clits harder in a tight circular motion. Their hips bucked against my hands as I shot cum down Jennifer's throat in a simultaneous three way orgasm. Jill moved down to help Jennifer clean my cock and work me back to full hardness while I ran a finger through their folds. Jill dove half off the bed, rummaging in a the night table drawers, and soon came up with the tablet and headset that she and I had left there.

Jill guided Jennifer over my cock and let her sink down, engulfing me in the warm wetness of her. Jennifer began to move in a small elliptical pattern. Jill straddled my legs, behind Jennifer and placed the headset on her, handed her the tablet and reached around to fondle her breasts.

“Do you want to cum?” Jill whispered loudly in her ear.

“Yes!” gasped Jennifer, as Jill tweaked her nipples.

“Push the button labeled 'Big O',” Jill hissed with a maniacal grin

“Ahhhh! . . . AAAaahhHH!! . . . AAAAIIII EEEE!!!” cried Jennifer as the orgasm ripped through her.

Her Pussy clamped down on me as she arched her back and her hips shook out of control while she gasped for breath. After giving her a few moments, Jill yelled out 'Switch!' and pulled Jennifer back off my cock slipping in front and lowering herself onto me. She retrieved the headset and tablet from Jennifer, slipping it on as Jennifer reached around, still in a daze, and fondled Jill's breasts.

Jill moved her hips in a flat circular pattern, constantly changing the way her pussy gripped me. Still grinning, she pushed the button.

“Ahhhh! . . . AAAaahhHH!! . . . AAAAIIII EEEE!!!” Jill screamed out her orgasm.

Jills pussy clamped down on me like a milking machine. Her hips shook. before she could draw two gasping breaths. I returned her evil grin and reached to push the button again

“Ahhhh! . . . AAAaahhHH!! . . . AAAAIIII EEEE!!!” She screamed again.

While she fought for breath, trying to stay upright, I reached between us and roughly fingered her clit, bringing forth an almost silent scream. Her back arched, the cords in her neck stood out, her hips fairly vibrated. I sprayed cum deep into her pussy. For a moment she was all tension, then she collapsed to my chest. I made sure she was breathing and looked up at Jennifer.

“What was that?” asked Jennifer, “that was more intense than when you and Conner . . .”

“Yeah, something we stumbled across last week,” I told her, “It induces a powerful orgasm. Claudia calls it the Big 'O'.”

“What did you do to Jill?”

“She sprung that on you without warning.”

“She sure did,” she said. “I thought I'd lose my mind. It was so intense.”

“Jill gave herself an orgasm, then before she had a chance to recover, I pressed the button, giving her another, then fingered her clit to trigger a third. I think she's passed out.”

“But, why?” Jennifer asked, “that could have hurt her.”

“'Why?', a little friendly punishment.” I said, “and 'hurt her', the first version of this was instant, if the button was pressed you would cum, screaming all the way. This version has a short build up to the orgasm. Jill did herself with five times in as many seconds once with the old version.”

“Wow!” Jennifer said, looking thoughtful, “I don't know if I could do that.”

“I wouldn't want you to try,” I said, “and I need to work a delay into that, maybe a minute or so 'cool down' before it triggers again.”

Jill drew in a huge breath and sighed happily.

“Tell them I died happy.” she murmured as she rolled off me, promptly dropping into sleep.

Jennifer licked me clean, then lay beside me in my arms as we drifted off too.

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