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Lisa had just started her sophomore year of high school and had recently started seeing a guy that her father didn’t see eye to eye with.

While she wasn’t actually dating Wayne, she was allowed to be with him when she was with friends.

One strict rule was, she had to be home by 9 pm.

It was now Friday night and promptly at 9 o’clock Lisa walked through the front door and slumped on the sofa in the den, directly across from her father Eric, who was watching tv.

Sighing hard, Lisa cleared her throat and her father looked over to her.

“Oh hey pumpkin, right on time again like you always are. Your mother got a call from grandma and decided to spend the weekend with her. You just missed her. She left about 15 minutes ago.”

Lisa took another deep breath. “Yeah daddy. I know. Mom text me and told me. Can I ask you a question without you blowing up at me “

“Eric looked Lisa in the eyes and nodding his head said, “pumpkin you know you can ask me anything. I promise I won’t blow up. So what’s on your mind?”

With a little hesitation Lisa gulped and said, “ I’m just wondering why I have to be home by 9 on Friday. All my friends have a 10 or 11 o’clock curfew. And why do you hate Wayne so much?”

“First off I don’t hate Wayne. We’ve been through this at least a hundred times. You’re a sophomore in high school and he’s going to trade school after graduating last year. He’s too old for you and we both know guys that age have only one thing on their mind. S.E.X. “

“OMG Daddy. You don’t have to spell it. It’s not like that at all. We just hang with friends and then he brings me home. Don’t you trust me. He’s a good guy Daddy. Mom says he’s a lot like you.”

“Of course I trust you. But I was his age once and the only thing on my mind at that time was how quick I could get in a girls pants. So yes Lisa, I know what he’s thinking.”

Laying her phone on the arm of the sofa, Lisa gritted her teeth and jumped up, heading to the bathroom. “Muttering under her breath, god daddy, he’s not like that at all. “

Hearing a little ping from her phone, Eric leaned over and saw a message from Lisa’s so called boyfriend.

Five minutes later Lisa walked back in, picked up her phone and scanned her message. “Well Daddy, it’s almost 10. I guess I’m going to bed now. Won’t you please think about letting me stay out a little longer? Wayne isn’t like other guys. He doesn’t have sex on his mind all the time like you did. Huh daddy, at least think about it? Goodnight daddy.”

Shaking his head, Eric watched Lisa sashay her cute little ass upstairs. “Yeah princess sure. I’ll think about it honey. Goodnight Lisa.”

“Thanks Daddy. Night.”

Once inside her room, Lisa turned her light off, and tiptoeing to her window slowly opened it all the way and looked out into the coal black darkness. Leaning out her window she looked down and could barely make out the ladder that she had placed there about an hour ago before she came in the house.

Her heart was racing and she looked at her clock. She still had 10 minutes before the love of her life climbed up the ladder and into her room. Her mind running a million miles an hour. If her father heard Wayne in her room, they would both be dead meat.

With 2 minutes to go, Lisa stood beside her bed and stripped every stitch of clothes from her hot little body and leaned out the window one more time. Just in time to see her boyfriends shadow on the first step of the ladder.

“Hurry baby. God I need you so fucking bad. I want you to just fuck me good and hard. Don’t say anything in my room please. Daddy’s downstairs and if he knew you were in my room, he’d kill you.”

“Okay he whispered back.”

Lisa was laying on her back, her legs spread wide and breathing like a race horse, watching the shadow of her boyfriend ease into her room in the pitch blackness of the cloudy moonless night.

She could hear him as he shredded his shirt off, then the sound of his zipper when he dropped his pants.

Lisa shivered uncontrollably when his hands finally glided across her body, cupping her small tits in the palm of his hands and squeezing and stretching her marble hard nipples.

Lisa’s body was trembling. “Just fuck me Wayne. We don’t have all night. My dad will be coming upstairs to go to bed in about 20 minutes. Hurry. Oh fuck please hurry.”

Grabbing Lisa by the ankles, he pushed her legs way up, spreading them wide. With a little whimper, Lisa folded her arms around her legs, and grunted when Wayne slid the bloated head of his stiff cock down the center of her juicy tight cunt. She gasped and slapped one hand over her mouth when Wayne drove his thick cock to the molten core of Lisa’s needy fuck hole.

With long hard strokes, Wayne pounded Lisa’s cunt like a battering ram. Again and again his big dick plunged in and out of her spasming pussy.

Lisa groaned, grabbing her pillow to cover her face, moaned like a little whore when Wayne plowed to the bottom of her young cunt and grunting like a wild animal started cumming very fucking hard in his girlfriends sloppy wet pussy.

“Oh fuck Wayne. Hurry and get out. Daddy had to hear us. Hurry. Oh fuck, I’m dead for sure. Dad will tell mom and I’ll be grounded forever.”

Yanking his pants up and grabbing his shirt, Wayne was out the window and down the ladder in less than 10 seconds.

Jumping in the shower, Lisa quickly washed off any signs of sex, and slipping into one of her skimpy jammy tops and shorts, she walked downstairs and into the den where Eric sat in his bathrobe watching the late night news.

Looking up Eric asked, “Hey princess. What’s up. I’m just about to go to bed. You’re all wet. Why the late shower?”

“Oh nothing Daddy. I just came downstairs to get me a soda from the fridge. I couldn’t sleep and it was boiling hot in my room a little while ago, so I just decided to take a shower to cool off.”

“Yeah I kinda know what you mean. I probably should turn the air conditioning down a degree or two. Your mother is always turning it up cause she’s always cold.”

Grabbing a soda, Lisa plopped down on the couch and took a long drink. She glanced down when her cell phone started ringing. She looked over at her dad.

“Oh crap. Sorry dad. It’s Wayne. I know it’s late, but you don’t mind if I talk to him for a couple minutes do you?”

“No baby girl. Go ahead. But don’t talk to long.”

“I won’t Daddy. Thanks.”Accepting the call Lisa grinned, “Hi Wayne. What’s up.”

“I’m, well I just wanted to apologize. I guess your dad really hates me now.”

Lisa wrinkled her nose, “Huh? What are you talking about. He don’t hate you.”

“Of course he hates me. I was just rounding the back of your garage to head for the ladder when your dad grabbed me by the neck and told me to get the fuck off his property and if I ever came back he’d have my ass thrown in jail. He said he saw my text telling you I was on my way and would be up the ladder to fuck your brains out in 15 minutes. He was pissed Lisa. So yeah he definitely hates me. “

The blood drained from Lisa’s face. “Uh Wayne. I gotta go now before Daddy hears me talking to you.”

“Uh, um Daddy. Can I ask you something. It’s kinda personal. Something I heard some of the girls at school talking about.”

“Well honey I told you before you can ask me anything. Now what’s on your mind?”

“Uh dad. This is a little bit embarrassing. When you and mom do it, you know have sex, does mom ever suck your thing when you guys are done. Some of the girls at school say they suck boys after just so they can taste their own pussy juice. Do girls really do that. I mean mom, does she do that?”

“Well princess it sounds like you have some very experienced girls at school. So to answer your question, yep, your mom is one of the best cocksuckers I know. Does that answer your question pumpkin?

With a huge grin on her face, Lisa walked over and kneeled before her dad. Sliding her hand slowly up his leg and inside his bathrobe, Lisa curled her fingers around her daddy’s aching stiff cock and snickered, “so tell me something Daddy. If I were to pull this great big fucking hard cock out and sucked on it like the filthy little cock whore you now know I am, would I be tasting my sopping wet pussy juices off of it? Huh daddy. Would I?

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