18 years old teen flashing at beach

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My story is a fictional story any similarity to a real person is a coincidence Okay I admit it happened but I'm changing the names for the record My story happened to me and a third girl a few months ago
I'm a brown-haired brown-eyed 70-75 kg boy and they call me Zoli My date Gina and I have been together almost a year
My girlfriend has brown hair green eyes about 5 '10" 50 kg girl She's pretty ' cause I get a lot of men coming down the street after her which I'm proud of of course Who wouldn't be?
One day my partner and I were invited to visit an old classmate with the phrase "drink chat party a little"
Of course we immediately accepted the invitation and took a train one afternoon and went to a town not too far from our residence Gina's old school partner Christi was waiting for us at the station She's about 5 '10" blond hair brown eyes relatively pretty Our first trip to a shopping mall led us to buy some alcohol because we don't want to get thirsty ;)
After filling up the booze we arrived at Kriszti's where he had two brothers at home We put our stuff away and started talking about what happened to who? I don't know Meanwhile time was running slow we were running out of booze and we were in a better mood Kriszti's brothers decided they'd rather go clubbing so it was just the three of us Our conversation maybe because of the booze was more and more about sex What's the most extreme situation for who? who with who? when? how many times? so you know or at least you know what it was We decided to sit down and watch a movie We walked into a room with a huge double bed We sat down and the big movie started Of course it happened to be an adult film We started analyzing what we saw in the movie but I could tell by the booze maybe the movie that my jeans were getting tight In one scene when two blonde hotties were spoiling each other somehow (I don't remember how it happened) it turned out that I was pretty excited about this combination
And that's when it happened to me which is completely surprising but very exciting because Gina kissed Kristi I was just watching these two girls fight their tongues and I don't have to tell you it turned me on Kriszti looked at me and obviously saw how much it excites me because she said:
- Now you can watch a little live show  and he started kissing Gina's neck and just kept going down He took off my friend's top and pants as he stroked every inch of her body
She was lying next to me with my life partner in bra and panties and another woman kissing and pampering her Kriszti took off her bra and saw these two beautiful breasts that I know and love so much she took them in her mouth licked them nibbled her nipples which were so sharp in the excitement that if the bra had stayed up she would have just punctured them
And then Gina drew me to her and we wound up in a wild and passionate kiss that only broke until she got rid of my shirt Meanwhile Chris caressed her thighs caressed her panties kissed my friend's pussy and relieved her of her thong and licked her deeply between the lips of my friend whose mouth made a great sigh and began to drag my pants off me with the brass knuckles then he directed me so that my dick could put it in his mouth He started licking it kissing it caressing it
In the meantime I leaned over Kriszti's head and made him hold the kiss which had just been cut in half while he was finger-fingering my friend with two fingers That's how our threesome got entwined for minutes and then Gina crawled out of the two of us started kissing Chris and getting rid of his clothes while our kiss fight continued When all our clothes were on the floor Gina was next: for the first time in her life she could taste the pussy thing while she was busy with my dick()


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